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One man with courage makes a majority.
-- Andrew Jackson


Monday, December 19, 2005

Ultimate success

When you have a setback, that’s not a signal to abandon the endeavor. In fact, it is a sign that you are making progress.

You’ve learned one more thing that doesn’t work, and that can be of great value. Because it helps you to eventually determine what does work.

When the desired result is not achieved, you could consider it a failure, but that would be a mistake. Instead, see it as just another step on the path to success.

Taking a step backward can ultimately help you to move forward. For the next step you take is more experienced, more finely tuned, and more closely in line with the reality of the situation.

An important part of the determination to succeed is the willingness to fail, and the confidence to see every failure as temporary. So go ahead and have that confidence to explore fresh ideas and attempt ambitious new projects.

Of course you’ll make mistakes and occasionally run into some dead ends. And each time you do, you’ll be moving forward toward ultimate, certain success.

— Ralph Marston

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