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I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific.
-- Lily Tomlin


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Inner value

Before you set off to conquer the world, set out to improve yourself. Build character and discipline on the inside, and you’ll be able to handle any goal or challenge on the outside.

When you set for yourself an outer goal, be sure to also create an inner goal. Fully become, within yourself, the person who can reach that goal in the outside world, and you will.

When you feel the need to change others, seek instead to change yourself. Meet people where they are, with true understanding and acceptance, and the relationships you build will bear sweet fruit.

The person you are on the inside determines all the things you become on the outside. Nurture your inner life, and your whole world will prosper.

The solid physical reality of your life is built upon the quality of your innermost thoughts and feelings. Use every opportunity to give power and positive purpose to those thoughts, and every corner of your life will benefit.

In each moment, in every situation, seek to build lasting, genuine value on the inside. And that value will quickly spread outward from you, as far as you can see.

— Ralph Marston

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