By believing passionately in something that does not yet exist, we create it.
-- Nikos Kazantzakis



Thursday, November 10, 2005

Past your ego

When you get past your own ego, life can change dramatically for the better. For when you get away from your ego, you get away from many of the fears and limitations that hold you back.

When your ego is in control, everything you think, say, and do is all about you. That sets you up for an enormous amount of worry, anxiety, envy, fear, anger and despair.

Imagine being free of all that. Think of the times when you’ve become so absorbed in something so fully that you forgot about yourself, and recall how effective and energetic that made you.

When you get past your ego, you are free to do what you know is right, rather than being constantly worried about what other people would think. When you get past your ego, you can put all your energy into the task of the moment, instead of being angry about the past or anxious about the future.

Your ego has only the power that you give it. You can choose at any time to free yourself from the limitations it imposes on you.

Allow yourself to venture past your own ego. You’ll find the freedom and effectiveness to be exhilarating.

— Ralph Marston


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