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-- Mother Theresa


Monday, November 7, 2005

Joy of the journey

Are you so focused on results that you miss the joy of the journey? In your quest to get there quickly, are you bypassing much of the value along the way?

Certainly it is important to focus on the results you intend to reach. It is also critical to focus on and appreciate the real value that goes into making those results, and that value is to be found and to be lived along the way.

Achievement is not some future object. It is a present state of being.

Yes, achievement does indeed have a future objective. Yet the place where achievement happens is always here and now.

Because of that, the more you enjoy building the achievement, the more valuable that achievement will always be. The more you savor the journey, the more magnificent and fulfilling the destination will be.

Success is not merely something that you will someday attain. Success is yours the moment you begin to truly appreciate, value and enjoy the journey.

— Ralph Marston

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