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If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.
-- Michael Jordan


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Express your inner values

Do your outer choices reflect your inner values? If not, then your life will move from one conflict to another.

Yet when the choices you make do indeed come from the person you are, then you will travel steadily in the direction of your highest visions. When your actions are in agreement with your purpose, those actions will surely take you where you most want to go.

Why would you ever act in opposition to who you truly are? Unfortunately, there are plenty of temptations to do so.

It could be that you’re worried about what others will think, so you go along with what they expect you to do, even though it hurts somewhere inside. Or it could be that you crave the false sense of security that material possessions and shallow pleasures seem to offer.

Yet the real you, the beautiful, unique person inside, knows better. The more you allow your own deeply held values to guide your moment-to-moment thoughts and actions, the more fulfilling and joyful life will become.

There is real and inexhaustible value in the authentic person you are. Let your life express it in everything you do.

— Ralph Marston

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