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Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change.
-- Thomas Hardy


Thursday, September 8, 2005

To achieve

To achieve, stop talking about it and start getting it done. To achieve, stop seeing every obstacle as an excuse and start seeing those obstacles as forming a pathway to your goal.

To achieve, stop looking for a quick and easy shortcut. To achieve, start putting forth the diligent, sustained effort that will create real value.

To achieve, stop complaining about how things have been. To achieve, start making the most of what you have right now.

To achieve, stop using your own words and thoughts to put yourself down. To achieve, start expecting the best of yourself, and know that you’re indeed fully capable of it.

To achieve, stop pretending that you are someone else. To achieve, get connected to the authentic, unique person you are.

To achieve, develop a vision so positive, meaningful and compelling that you simply cannot sit still. Then get up, go out and delight in creating your own special greatness for the world.

— Ralph Marston

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