Character is fate.
-- Heraclitus



Thursday, September 1, 2005

Decide to

What holds you back is not a lack of resources. For even when you start with almost nothing, there is a sure pathway to the goal.

What holds you back is not an absence of opportunity. For even in the most desperate situations, there is always the opportunity to make a valuable, positive, powerful difference.

Most likely, the thing that holds you back more than anything else is the lack of a firm commitment to move forward. And that’s great news, because that is something you can most certainly change.

Whatever you truly decide to do, will get done. Where you truly decide to go, you will be.

When you decide to, you will find what it takes to work through any challenge. When you decide to, you can take whatever may come and dig the real value out of it.

Decide to, and you unleash a powerful, focused, creative force. Decide to, and you will.

— Ralph Marston


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