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No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.
-- William Blake


Wednesday, August 3, 2005

See where you’re going

When you can clearly see where you’re going, you greatly improve your chances of getting there. The more clearly you can visualize your goals, the more likely you are to reach them.

Pursuing a vaguely defined objective is like traveling through a thick fog. It’s slow and difficult to make any progress, and even when you arrive you may not know you’re there.

Yet when your goals are clear, specific, and filled with rich detail, all kinds of great opportunities for moving toward them will continue to come into view. Your progress will be swift and sure, and you’ll enjoy increasingly abundant rewards as you draw closer to them.

If you’re putting forth the effort to get somewhere, take the time to determine exactly where it is, what it will look like, and how it will be. Get clear on your goals, and you’ll find plenty of ways to achieve them.

Keep your goals clearly in sight by reminding yourself of them on a continuing basis. Experience them often in your own mind, and you’ll soon be experiencing them in the reality of the outer world.

Rise above the fog of fuzzy wishes, and make your intentions clear and specific. That will point you solidly toward wherever you want to go.

— Ralph Marston

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