The real secret to success is enthusiasm.
-- Walter Chrysler



Saturday, July 16, 2005

Choose your path

Your problems are real and demanding. Yet they are tiny when compared to all the positive possibilities for your life in this moment.

You have fallen short in the past. Yet the past is over, and you are free to choose a new and more fulfilling direction, right now.

There are difficult challenges that you now face. And right alongside those challenges, intertwined and intermingled with them, there are stunningly magnificent opportunities.

This is your time to grasp those opportunities. Whatever may try to hold you back is trivial and of little consequence when compared to what you can gain by moving forward.

The difficulties this moment may hold are far outnumbered by the possibilities for achievement, learning, love, joy and fulfillment. Focus your mind, focus your energy on the best of those possibilities.

In this very moment you are free to choose any thought, any action, any path you wish. Choose to step confidently forward on the path to the best place and the best life you can possibly imagine.

— Ralph Marston


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