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The problem with communication ... is the illusion that it has been accomplished.
-- George Bernard Shaw


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Small opportunities

Success rarely comes from making just a few big efforts. Success almost always is the result of small efforts multiplied again and again.

Small, simple acts can reliably lead to big, magnificent achievements. It’s just a matter of putting enough of those small, simple actions together in the same direction.

Right now, in this moment, is your opportunity to take one small step toward whatever goal you have set for yourself. In the next moment, there will be another such opportunity, and another and another as time goes on.

Achievement belongs to those who make wise and productive use of time as it comes. Achievement comes from those who understand that small opportunities can lead to big results.

Those small opportunities are everywhere, and you don’t have to beg or plead with anyone to give you access to them. You simply have to see the potential they represent, and then take action.

Each time you see the opportunity to take one small step, by all means take it. And soon you’ll be racing far ahead.

— Ralph Marston

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