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The backbone of joy is adventure.
-- Benjamin Lanard


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Today’s purpose

Today has a purpose. Pay attention to that purpose, and you’ll uncover this day’s many treasures.

There is a reason why you have arrived at this point. On this day there is much to be learned, to be accomplished, to be experienced and to be lived.

When your thoughts, your actions and your efforts consistently follow a clear and positive purpose, achievement is inevitable. Look deeply at the things you treasure most, and you will see that purpose.

Purpose brings together all the seemingly unconnected parts of life. Purpose creates positive value out of the triumphs and the setbacks alike.

With a clear sense of purpose, your vast and magnificent resources are put to use in the service of an even greater good. With a clear sense of purpose, even the tragedies and disappointments cannot stop you.

There is always some part of you that knows what your purpose is right now. The more of your life you connect to that purpose, the more magnificent life will be.

— Ralph Marston

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