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The worst sin... is... to be indifferent.
-- George Bernard Shaw


Monday, March 21, 2005

Get busy

You can wait and wish and hope for everything in life to be perfect. Or you can get busy making things better and better.

You can complain that life is unfair, and lament that the best in life has passed you by. Or you can get busy and make the very best of your life.

You can compile a big list of all the things you don’t have. Or you can get busy and make full use of the good and valuable things you do have.

You can worry that there’s not enough time to get everything done. Or you can get busy doing what you can with the time you have available.

You can let the setbacks and disappointments get you down. Or you can get busy filling your efforts with enthusiasm and positive determination.

You can sit and watch as life happens around you. Or you can get busy and make your life into something great.

— Ralph Marston

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