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You always succeed in producing a result.
-- Anthony Robbins


Friday, February 25, 2005

Dive deeply

At first glance, this day may appear to be just like all the rest that have come before. In fact, it may even look a little dreary.

Take time, though, to look more closely. And you’ll discover a world of rich and beautiful treasures that you might never have imagined.

On the surface, the person you just met may seem completely ordinary. Yet when you make the effort to truly know that person, you’ll find a unique and fascinating individual.

At first, the things you have to do today may appear to be tedious and boring. Yet when you put the best of yourself into each task, you’ll find them to be richly rewarding.

Though the surface of life may have a certain sameness, beneath that surface is a vast and inexhaustible richness. In the ordinary moments you’ll find truly extraordinary opportunities for lasting fulfillment.

Look lovingly and dive deeply into what life brings your way. There’s no end to the real value you’ll discover.

— Ralph Marston

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