It is a golden maxim to cultivate the garden for the nose, and the eyes will take care of themselves.
-- Robert Louis Stevenson



Thursday, January 27, 2005

Flowing outward

Your circumstances do not make you. Your circumstances reveal you.

The events in your life do not cause you to be one way or another. The events in your life give you the opportunity to express who you are by the way you deal with them.

Like a mirror, the world around you reflects your values, your beliefs and expectations. The things you experience outside yourself resonate with the person you are inside.

To bring about a positive change in your world, you must first make that positive change deep within yourself. Life flows from the inside toward the outside.

Any gains you make on the outside that do not have their origin on the inside will be temporary and mostly meaningless. Real, lasting success on the outside comes only after success has first been nurtured within.

Take great care with the authentic person you are inside. And that real value will flow outward to every corner of your life.

— Ralph Marston


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