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The problem with communication ... is the illusion that it has been accomplished.
-- George Bernard Shaw


Friday, January 7, 2005

About to get better

When things seem to be getting worse, there’s a good chance that they’re actually about to get better. The night is often at its darkest just before dawn begins to light the sky.

When difficulties that have been looming break free and begin to run their course, the moment they will end suddenly begins to grow closer. When problems come out in the open where everyone can see them, that is when they are most likely to be solved.

When the challenges grow bigger, so do the opportunities for positive progress. When everything is going wrong, that’s when you become the most highly motivated to make things right.

When the world looks bleak, do not despair. Instead, take the highly charged energy of the moment and turn it in a positive direction.

When the situation is at its worst, that’s an excellent opportunity for you to be your best. That’s when you can make the biggest positive difference.

The opportunities to move forward are always there, especially when they don’t seem to be. When times are tough, that’s when positive, focused action truly pays.

— Ralph Marston

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