Passion is the shrapnel that flies from a three-way collision of determination, commitment and action.
-- Roy H. Williams



Monday, December 27, 2004

Now is when

The disappointment you’ve known is all in the past. Now is when you can take what you’ve learned and make positive use of it.

Has something been holding you back? Now is when you can begin to move beyond it.

Perhaps life has fallen short of your expectations. Instead of becoming angry or resentful, now is when you can put it all behind you.

Now is a new day, a vibrant moment, a time of real possibilities. Now is your chance to make the most of those possibilities.

Now is when you can focus your thoughts and actions in positive and meaningful ways. Now is when you can make use of all you have, and reach toward the best you can be.

Now is when you are able to act, and positioned to truly make a difference. Now is when life is here to live.

— Ralph Marston


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