The more you care, the stronger you can be.
-- Jim Rohn



Saturday, October 30, 2004

Strength in serenity

Step back from the noise and confusion. You are not a part of it, and it does not have to consume you.

In serenity, there is strength. Staying calm, when confusion and chaos surround you, keeps you firmly in control.

Many things can trigger an impulse to react, an urgent desire to do something immediately. Hurried reactions, though, are usually not the most effective.

By staying calm, you can respond with much more power and positive focus. By staying calm, instead of letting events scatter your attention in a thousand different directions, you remain in control.

Staying calm does not mean that you’re doing nothing. It means that you’re responding with purpose, rather than with panic.

When turmoil arises, meet it with serenity. And you’ll put yourself in a position of real power.

— Ralph Marston


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