Personal power is the ability to take action.
-- Anthony Robbins



Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Abundance of giving

Think not of what you can get out of this moment. Focus instead on what you can give from this moment.

Look at all you can give to yourself. Look at all you can give to others.

There is far more value to be given than there is value to be taken. Focus on what you can give, and you truly focus on abundance.

Seek to give, and that abundance comes to life. Give to this moment, give from this moment, and value that never existed before, springs forth.

There is never more than a paltry, token amount available to be taken, yet there is literally no limit to what can be given. Give, and align yourself with value that has no end.

This moment is here, ready to be lived. Use it to give, and it will overflow with real abundance.

— Ralph Marston


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