You won't accomplish the miraculous until you're willing to attempt the ridiculous.
-- Roy H. Williams



Friday, September 12, 2003

It will come

Work patiently toward the goal you’ve set, and it will come. The setbacks are no reason to quit, but are in fact confirmation of the necessity to push forward.

To create something of lasting value requires lasting effort and commitment. Act with diligence, with persistence, with patience, and it will come.

If you seek to get it now and then work for it later, you’ll end up cheated, disappointed or worse. Instead, make the effort now, work patiently toward it, and it will come.

Build the value that you desire to experience. Build it with each thought, each action, each moment and each day.

Build a bright future with integrity and persistence, with faith, patience and love. And it will come.

— Ralph Marston


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