Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it.
-- Frank Tyger



Tuesday, August 27, 2002

This very moment

Right now, this very moment, you have a choice. It’s not a big choice -- it’s just a very small, seemingly insignificant choice -- yet the consequences of that choice can be enormous. The choice you have, the question you must answer, is this. How will you spend this moment?

It’s not really a matter of choosing between what is easy and what is difficult. Even the most difficult objective can be broken down into easily achievable steps. It’s not a matter of choosing between what is simple and what is complex. Even the most complex of ambitions can be broken down into small, simple tasks.

Your choice for how to spend this moment, and the moments that follow, comes down to a matter of what is truly important to you. Upon what do you wish to focus the power of your attention, your commitment, your energy, your thoughts, your efforts and your time?

This moment will pass quickly, regardless of what you do with it. You can choose to use it to the fullest and move yourself forward, or you can choose to just stand still and let it go by. The extra effort, the extra energy required to make the most of this brief moment is so small as to not even be noticed. Yet when you put forth that effort, when you make use of this moment, and the moment that follows it, and the moments that follow that, the results can be truly astounding.

— Ralph Marston


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