If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.
-- Thomas Alva Edison



Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Sweet success

Stop for a moment and consider the priorities you’ve set for your life. Then ask yourself -- what are you doing about them? In your heart and in your mind you carry around certain priorities, things that are truly important to you. Are these all-important things also being reflected in your time and in your actions?

When the reality of your life is in conflict with your most deeply held values and priorities, then nothing is going to work very well. How can you expect to be successful at achieving those things you don’t truly even want to achieve?

Put more of your time, more of your thoughts, and more of your efforts where your heart is. The achievements which truly matter are the achievements that have real meaning and substance for you. If you blindly follow the world’s shallow, superficial definition of success you’ll find yourself becoming shallow and superficial as well. Is that what you really want?

Honor and respect that very real feeling you have that life can be so much more than merely getting by. Commit the time, the attention, the substance of your life to your most sacred beliefs and your most compelling vision of what life can be. Live the best of your priorities in each moment, and the success you achieve will be sweet indeed.

— Ralph Marston


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