Know and believe in yourself, and what others think won't disturb you.
-- William Feather



Wednesday, April 10, 2002

The best competitors

The best competitors are those who do not focus on the competition, but rather who go beyond it. The winner of a race does not look back at the rest of the field, but focuses instead on the path that lies ahead, where there is no competition.

The most successful businesses are those that define the market, rather than those which attempt to dominate it. They forge ahead into territory where there is no competition, and thus leave all the competitors in the dust.

The way to win is not by getting someone else to lose, for that is never a sustainable strategy. The way to win big, over and over again, is to set the highest standards you can possibly imagine and then live each moment true to them.

When you fight against other people, they’ll fight back. Yet when you innovate and follow a higher vision, when you boldly go where no one else has been, then others will gladly follow and support you along the way.

Rise above the competition, go beyond it, and you’ll be the most positively competitive runner in the race.

— Ralph Marston


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