Man is born to live and not prepare to live.
-- Boris Pasternak



Saturday, March 9, 2002

The best future

The future has not happened yet. So there’s absolutely no reason to be negative about it. What you do right now will determine how the future unfolds for you. So be the best, most positive person you can be.

If you’re frustrated or dissatisfied with the way things are, use the energy of your frustration to bring about a change. Envision the possibilities, then choose the absolute best one you can imagine and go for it.

Transform your past disappointments into positive, meaningful guides for creating your future. Use what didn’t work to point the way to what will work for you.

Today is the day you begin to mold the shape of your own future. How do you want that future to be? It is filled with every conceivable possibility. Choose the best and live them with everything you have.

— Ralph Marston


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