Patience, taken too far, becomes cowardice. There is a time to shut up and do something.
-- Roy H. Williams



Thursday, October 8, 2015

Your day to be strong

This day provides you with plenty of opportunities to be strong. Embrace those opportunities and experience how great it feels to exercise your own strength.

Frustrating situations do not have to frustrate you, because you’re stronger than that. Temptations do not have to tempt you, because you have the strength to move on past them.

You have the strength to be purposeful and focused. You’re able to accomplish what you choose to accomplish by harnessing your strength to do what must be done.

Whether your strength has recently been dormant or whether you’ve been making use of it, today it can grow even stronger. Commit yourself to be your true self in a way that’s stronger and more positive than ever.

Feel your own strength as it grows, and watch new possibilities jump into view. Enjoy the richness that comes from living with strength, and be inspired to expand that strength.

Today is your day to be strong, purposeful and full of life. Give yourself the great satisfaction of living your strength in every moment.

— Ralph Marston


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