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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Away from the frenzy

Just because it is possible to live day after day at a blistering pace, doesn’t mean it is preferable. You don’t always have to get more, do more, have more, to live richly.

Fulfillment is about quality and meaning, not simple quantity. Fill your life, but don’t pack it so tightly you can’t breathe.

Effort, industriousness and achievement bring great value to life. Yet quiet, thoughtful times can be just as enriching as busy, productive periods.

There’s no point in having everything if you do not take the time to enjoy anything. Take the time, breathe, savor, give goodness a chance to sink in.

Don’t delay, don’t procrastinate, but don’t make everything into a race. If you miss the green light there will be another, and time before it to catch your breath.

Life is much too magnificent to rush through it. Step away from the frenzy, and truly get ahead.

— Ralph Marston


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