To be able to do a thing, you must begin to do it, and keep on doing it until the thing is mastered.
-- James Allen



Friday, December 19, 2014

Invest yourself

To make something special in your life, invest yourself in it. To give richness and meaning to a particular place, or a relationship, or a job or other experience, give some meaningful part of yourself to it.

If you have no stake in it, you won’t get any real joy or fulfillment from it. Just because something is expensive or impressive or popular doesn’t mean that it will enrich your life.

You don’t have to have the biggest, brightest or fanciest. You just have to really care, really give, and make a living investment.

Life is overflowing with great opportunity because it is constantly giving you ways to make a difference. By giving your time, your care, your interest and your love, you transform generic abundance into personal treasure.

The more you invest of yourself, the more valuable that treasure grows. Whatever is already meaningful to you can be made even more meaningful with your care, attention and effort.

Every moment you encounter is a chance to invest yourself in life. Take every opportunity to invest yourself, and enjoy a lifetime of beautiful rewards.

— Ralph Marston


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