You miss 100% of the shots you never take.
-- Wayne Gretzky



Saturday, February 28, 2015

What you can do

What you can do is to do your best. Honestly, authentically, with no excuses or cutting corners, just go ahead and do your best.

Some people might appreciate it, and many others probably will not. What really matters, though, is not what others think or say, but the fact that you’ve given your very best to the effort.

So don’t hold yourself back out of fear or anxiety about the way you’ll be received. Push yourself forward, true to your highest ideals, focused on your dreams, your values, your passions.

What you can do is to do your best, and it can be spectacular. What you can do is contribute to life in your own special way.

Courage comes from realizing how profoundly blessed you are to be able to make a difference. Feel your good fortune, feel your courage, and put it into action.

Today, experience how right it is to do what you can do. Give your best to every situation, to every opportunity, to every hour of this day, and reap the rewards of a day well spent.

— Ralph Marston


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