Take away the cause, and the effect ceases.
-- Miguel de Cervantes



Friday, September 4, 2015

You are needed

Because you’ve achieved, you now have the chance to do it again. Because you’ve persisted, you now can gain great value from continuing to persist.

Did you think this would be easy? Did you think you would be able to make one leap and then never have to make any effort again?

That’s not the way it works, and you wouldn’t want it to anyway. What gives richness to your life is the opportunity to participate, again and again, in making good things happen.

You are needed, you are necessary, you are in demand as someone who can make a difference. Consider what a blessing that is, and then think of what you can do about it.

All your effort has bought for you the opportunity to make even greater effort. That’s a very good and desirable thing.

You are needed to make a difference in life, today and every day. Feel how great it feels to be so needed, and enjoy fulfilling your beautiful obligation.

— Ralph Marston


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