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Saturday, December 3, 2022

When life talks to you

Listen when life talks to you. And that is all the time.

Watch what life shows to you. See its beauty in endless forms and iterations.

During obscure as well as normal encounters, in the routine and in the unexpected, life conveys a wealth of wisdom and perspective. Take the trouble to pay attention, have the courage and respect to do so.

What you know about is good and useful, yet it’s woefully short of all there is. Life always has more to teach you, to inspire you with.

So watch, and listen, and learn, and feel. Remind yourself of the limitless opportunities ever within your reach, and partake, and share.

Most of all, honor life by living it, immersing yourself fully in its wonder, challenge, tribulation, and joy. Open yourself to the richness as it continually unfolds at every level and in every dimension.


— Ralph Marston


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