How to Succeed at Anything Without Really Trying

Here’s the dilemma:
Success demands constant focus, but...
When you’re always trying to focus, you’re not focused.

What’s the answer? ALLOW
Program your subconscious to allow, prompt, encourage, remind you to stay focused without you always having to try to stay focused. Instead of forcing yourself to try, allow yourself to do. It’s a strategy that can make a world of difference in your effectiveness and in what you actually get done.

That sounds great! But how?
Make an intentional, tangible commitment to your own best possibilities. Then, make sure you are reminded of that commitment on a regular basis.

There are a couple of things your subconscious pays great attention to: tangible commitment and repetition. What’s a tangible commitment? A good example is making a purchase. Paying money for something. Consider buying a car. Cars are costly so it’s a big commitment when you spend that money. Your subconscious takes note immediately. How do you know that? Because all of a sudden, everywhere you go, you start seeing the same make and model vehicle. Those cars were always out there, but now your subconscious is always on the lookout for them.

Your subconscious also pays attention to repetition. You are highly skilled at recognizing patterns, and whenever you experience the same kind of thing again and again, it gets locked in to your subconscious. Advertisers know this. That’s why you see the same ad again and again until you pretty much know it by heart. The business that’s advertising wants you to think of their product whenever the need or desire for it arises in your life. So they plant the connection in your subconscious mind through repetition.

Commitment plus reliable repetition - The Daily Motivator is designed to achieve precisely that.
When you purchase a subscription to The Daily Motivator, you make a tangible commitment to your own success. And when you open each daily email message you are reminded, over and over again of that commitment. The Daily Motivator is designed from the ground up to implant a positive, empowering way of thinking deep within you. A way of thinking, a perspective that pushes you, reminds you again and again to make the choices that lead to success.

For more than twenty years, people from all walks of life have relied on The Daily Motivator to give themselves a decided advantage every day.

Life is what you make it, and what you make it depends on what you’re thinking about, on where your awareness is focused. What you make of life depends on the thoughts, concepts, ideas you choose to hold inside of you, on the perspective with which you choose to live.

Start every Monday through Saturday with a moment to focus on life’s best values. A moment to re-commit yourself to excellence. A moment to recharge your purpose. A reminder to lock your attention on what’s most important, on what matters.

It's a daily email reminder you can experience on your own terms.
You don’t have to park yourself on social media and wait for it to appear in your stream. It is self-contained and available to you whenever you want to look at it. You don’t have to read 140 characters of it and then wait a couple of hours for the next installment. You don’t have to remember to visit a website. It won’t suddenly interrupt whatever you’re doing. It just comes to you, in your email, and waits until you are ready to look at it.

Stop trying and start succeeding
Is success effortless? Of course not. Success demands the best of you. But the best of you is not in trying. It is in doing. It is in making a commitment. Subscribe to The Daily Motivator and read the messages each day. Suddenly, you’re no longer merely trying. You’re doing. You’re taking the positive, effective actions that create success.

You’ve tried long enough. Now, go beyond trying and give yourself the inner perspective that allows success to flow from every choice and every action.

All the best!