What can put you at your highest level of effectiveness?
You! Your attitude. Your perspective. Your frame of mind. Your level of commitment. Your thoughts. Your expectations.
But every day life gets in the way. Interruptions, distractions, frustrations. You’re tempted to make excuses, to accept less than the best from yourself, to forget what’s important and to give in to the trivial.
You deserve better.
Your unique, precious life deserves to be lived at the highest level of effectiveness. You deserve to be richly rewarded for the time and effort you put into whatever you’re doing.
And what makes the critical difference? You. The way you choose to see life. The way you decide to deal with every challenge, every frustration, every opportunity, every person you interact with, every moment.
So how do you optimize your performance? By reminding yourself of why it matters. By starting each day with attention to your highest values, your best possibilities, your treasured dreams.
The Daily Motivator is designed to do precisely that.
For more than twenty years, people from all walks of life have relied on The Daily Motivator to give themselves a decided advantage every day.
Life is what you make it, and what you make it depends on what you’re thinking about, on where your awareness is focused.
Start every Monday through Saturday with a moment to focus on life’s best values. A moment to re-commit yourself to excellence. A moment to recharge your purpose. A reminder to lock your attention on what’s most important, on what matters.
Let me send you a reminder of all those things, a daily email reminder you can experience on your own terms.
You don’t have to park yourself on social media and wait for it to appear in your stream. It is self-contained and available to you whenever you want to look at it. You don’t have to read 140 characters of it and then wait a couple of hours for the next installment. You don’t have to remember to visit a website. It won’t suddenly interrupt whatever you’re doing. It just comes to you, in your email, and waits until you are ready to look at it.
It comes to you in a way that is reliable, respectful and accessible. And powerful.
It comes to you, and it comes from you. It comes because you have decided to make an investment in yourself. You have decided to give yourself all the great things your life deserves. Make the choice, and it comes to you, every day without fail. Check your email, and it will be there.
You can read it early, you can read it late. You can read it once, you can read it five times, or fifteen. You can read the text version, or you can watch the video version with music and pictures.
It comes to you. Because you have chosen to respect and support your own ability to achieve excellence. And when you pay attention to those good things you’re capable of and you deserve to create, when you let those things influence the way you think and the way you act, the way you talk with other people, it makes a difference. Over time, it can make a major, positive difference in your life. One little message each day. It will take you a minute or two to read, but it will sink in. It will nudge you back in the direction of your best possibilities. It’s only $15 for an entire year. That’s not much. In fact it is embarrassingly small. But it is enough. It is enough so you can make an investment in yourself. It is your way of saying to yourself every day that you care about your life, you care about your world.
And that, yes, you deserve to create the best.