Doubt is the father of invention.
-- Galileo Galilei



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What you do next

Don’t define yourself by your past. Define yourself by your possibilities.

The version of you that now matters is the version of you going forward. See your life in those terms, from that perspective.

The only thing that can really hold you back is your reluctance to fulfill your best possibilities. Though progress is rarely easy, it is always possible.

You cannot just walk away from the obligations you’ve incurred in the past. However, you absolutely can choose to honor those obligations by going above and beyond them.

No matter what the past has been, today is an opportunity. You are alive, capable, motivated and in a position to make a positive difference in some way.

Look forward, see that opportunity, and dive into the fulfillment of it. What really matters now is what you do next, so make it something great.

— Ralph Marston


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